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We have the best and most qualified online Quran tutors for Quran reading, Tajweed, Memorization/Hifz, and Quranic Arabic.

Learning Quran Online with Time Flexibility

It’s not always easy to get to class, that’s why Online Quran school gives students the flexibility to take Quran classes online on the schedule that fits their lives.

Free Trial Classes

You don’t pay for the first two unless you find a good fit. Enjoy free Quran classes online for a week, and start lessons with confidence with the best Quran tutors online.

Live Quran Classes

Unlikely the pre-recorded classes our best online Quran academy provides one on one classes via Skype, and every student interacts with his/her own private Quran tutor.

Online Quran Tutors

Our male and female online Quran teachers are just like your friends. Our teachers are encouraging and motivating, that’s what makes Quran classes interesting.

Our Courses for Online Quran Classes

In one on one sessions, our Quran teachers teach every single student according to their interest and ability which makes Quran learning online easy and way more effective.

Learn Quran Online Easy and effective way

You can learn from the comfort of your home, without having to commute to a mosque or a madrasa. Online Quran classes are available 24/7, allowing you to study at a time that is most convenient for you. This is especially beneficial for busy individuals who struggle to find time for religious studies due to work, family, or other commitments.
We know how hard it is to learn Quran online or Arabic with a teacher who can’t communicate properly or learning Arabic and Quran as a second language for a beginner.

Best Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults

When it comes to learning Quran online, it is important to choose the right online Quran academy. With years of experience and improvements, the qualifications of the teachers with a deep understanding of the Tajweed and Quran, and a good reputation in the community, we are the best online Quran classes provider right now on the internet.

Access to Expert Quran Teachers

Our online Quran learning system gives you access to expert male and female teachers from around the world. You have the option to choose a teacher who aligns with your learning style and preferences, and who can help you to achieve your Quran learning goals.

Personalized Learning Experience

Online Quran classes offer a personalized learning experience that is tailored to your needs and pace. You receive one-on-one attention from your teacher and can progress well, with online learning, you can repeat lessons as many times as you need to until you understand the lesson fully.


Online Quran classes are more cost-effective than traditional in-person classes. You save money on transportation, materials, and other costs associated with attending in-person classes. This is especially beneficial for busy individuals who struggle to find time for religious studies

About Online Quran Classes

Online Quran classes are the best way of learning Quran online when you don’t have enough time to go to the Quran School or attend Quran classes in a madrassa or you have the time, but not getting what you were expecting from your Quran teacher. With the blessings of Allah SWT, we started providing one-on-one sessions for kids and adults to learn Quran online with Tajweed in 2009. All over the UK and the USA, around 200,000 Muslim children attend online Quran classes after school. Here they spend up to half an hour each day learning Quran online, Arabic, and the beliefs of Islam so what exactly happens there, Online Quran School was established originally to offer Quran classes online worldwide for kids and adults both 24/7, our online Quran teaching services are available for Muslims who live in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and in other European countries, We have the most innovative programs and supportive student services that help to learn the Holy Quran and understand it. We provide Quran classes on Skype from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and India for Sunni and Shia Muslims, with the availability of female Quran tutors for sisters who want to take online Quran classes in English, Urdu, Persian, and Pushto. Along with our online classes, we also try our best to provide an environment that boosts the emotional, moral, and spiritual growth that bestows our students the universal values of love, compassion, peace, tolerance, and justice.

Quran Classes for Kids

It’s our duty as parents to teach our children our religion as well as we’ve gotta take it into account. They have to have a good education for them to learn their religion. If they know about religion whilst they’re young till when they reach 18 or something then they can decide for themselves what they want to do. We have many parents and they are happy with their children being in the normal mainstream school as well as attending the online Quran classes in the evening. at the OnlineQuranCourses madrasa pupils also learn about what is known as scientific miracles in the Quran.

Online Quran Teaching

We came out of real need and necessity simply because the mainstream curriculum doesn’t cater to young Muslims and Islamic teaching going to mainstream schools. By joining our Quran learning classes generally, pupils finish attending online Quran classes within 1 or 2 years. we have about a thousand students who join our online Quran classes after school 24 hours. seven days a week. the students are set not according to age but according to their ability, Arabic and Islamic studies classes are mixed at the onlinequrancourses.

Learn Quran Online Easy

Spending 6 to 7 hours studying at school or at work and then having to come online for Quran learning with Tajweed, can be mentally demanding, so we try and make it very enjoyable for the student and we also appreciate the fact that he has been or she has been through a long day, so we do not try and overburden you in terms of giving you too much. The reason why we try and implement more Arabic in terms of getting the students to understand and learn Quran and Arabic is that the religion of Islam was revealed in Arabic and it’s an integral part of Islam.

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We offer free trial lessons for the first week, after evaluation, you can choose your plan and teacher and can continue your regular classes