Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

We have the best and most qualified online Quran tutors for Quran reading, Tajweed, Memorization/Hifz, and Quranic Arabic.

Learning Quran Online with Time Flexibility

It’s not always easy to get to class, that’s why Online Quran school gives students the flexibility to take Quran classes online on the schedule that fits their lives.

Free Trial Classes

You don’t pay for the first two unless you find a good fit. Enjoy free Quran classes online for a week, and start lessons with confidence with the best Quran tutors online.

Live Quran Classes

Unlikely the pre-recorded classes our best online Quran academy provides one on one classes via Skype, and every student interacts with his/her own private Quran tutor.

Online Quran Tutors

Our male and female online Quran teachers are just like your friends. Our teachers are encouraging and motivating, that’s what makes Quran classes interesting.

Our Courses for Online Quran Classes

In one on one sessions, our Quran teachers teach every single student according to their interest and ability which makes Quran learning online easy and way more effective.