Memorize Quran Online

we provide Quran memorization program for individuals to memorize and perfect their recitation of the holy Quran. this course is fully customizable, allowing students to choose to memorize either the entire Quran or just a portion of it. With our experienced and qualified teachers, students can learn at their own pace. Our courses emphasize the importance of Tajweed, the correct pronunciation of the Quran, and at the end of the course, students will receive an Ijazah certificate, verifying their mastery of the Quran.

Quran Memorization Online

If you’re looking for a convenient and flexible way to memorize the Quran, our online Quran memorization classes are the perfect solution. Our program is designed to help kids and adults alike memorize the Quran with ease, and we have female teachers available for sisters who prefer female instructors. Memorizing the holy Quran is a great blessing from Allah SWT, this course is Especially organized for those who are interested in memorization of the Holy Quran either memorizing all of it or some selected Surahs,

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Online Quran Memorization Classes


2 Days Per Week

Quran Memorization Program

Beginner Level

  • Designed for students with little or no prior experience in Quran memorization
  • Covers the basics of Quranic pronunciation and tajweed
  • Helps students build a strong foundation for future memorization
  • In this level, you will memorize short and selected Surahs, for example, Surah Yaasin, Al-Mulk, Ar-Rahmaan, Al-Waqi’ah, Juz amma (30th).
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Intermediate Level

  • Designed for students who have already memorized some portion of the Quran
  • Focuses on strengthening the student’s understanding of Quran pronunciation and Tajweed
  • Helps students advance their memorization skills to the next level
  • In this level, you will memorize the 30th and 29th juz.

Advanced Level

  • Designed for students who have memorized a substantial portion of the Quran
  • Focuses on refining the student’s Quranic pronunciation and Tajweed
  • At this level, you can memorize the complete holy Quran with tajweed in sha Allah and you’re going to have the ability to recite the holy Quran like an expert Qari of the Quran.
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How does online Quran Memorization work?

Every session is divided into three parts:
1st part consists of a new lesson, in which you will practice your lesson with your teacher and try to memorize it by repeating it after your Quran teacher many times
The 2nd part is about the previous lessons of the same juz, you will recite and your teacher will listen to you.
3rd part: in that part, you recite any juz of the Quran that you already had memorized before with your teacher.
For a full demonstration, you can take free trial classes (No credit card needed).