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Are you looking for a way to deepen your understanding of Islam and enhance your spiritual journey? Look no further! Our Online Alimah Course (Dars e Nizami)is designed for individuals seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the traditional Islamic sciences.

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Online Alimah Course

The Dars e Nizami curriculum is a comprehensive program of Islamic studies that covers a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Here are some of the key aspects of the curriculum:

Quranic Studies

This includes the study of the Quran itself, including its interpretation, grammar, vocabulary, and style. Students will learn about the structure of the Quran, its central themes, and its place in Islamic beliefs and practices.


This involves the study of the sayings, actions, and approvals of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, which are recorded in collections known as hadith. Students will learn about the different categories of hadith and their significance, as well as how to authenticate and evaluate hadith reports.


This involves the study of Islamic jurisprudence, which is concerned with the application of Islamic law to real-world situations. Students will learn about the principles of Islamic law and how to apply them to a wide range of practical issues, such as marriage, divorce, and financial transactions.

Arabic Language and Literature

This involves the study of the Arabic language, including grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, as well as the study of classical and modern Arabic literature. The study of Arabic is considered essential for the study of Islamic texts, as much of the Islamic tradition is written in Arabic.

Islamic History and Theology

This involves the study of Islamic history and the development of Islamic thought and theology. Students will learn about key historical events and figures, as well as major theological debates and movements within Islam.

Islamic Philosophy

This involves the study of Islamic philosophy and theology, which are concerned with the questions of existence, knowledge, and ethics. Students will learn about the key figures and movements within Islamic philosophy and theology, as well as how to engage in critical thinking and philosophical reflection.

Islamic spirituality

This involves the study of Islamic spirituality, which is concerned with the cultivation of a deep connection with God. Students will learn about the key practices and disciplines of Islamic spirituality, such as prayer, fasting, and meditation, as well as how to cultivate a spiritual practice that is grounded in Islamic teachings.

Islamic Creed

Islamic Creed refers to the core beliefs that Muslims hold about the nature of God, the universe, and their own purpose and role in the world. The Islamic Creed is known in Arabic as “Aqeedah,” and it is considered one of the most important foundations of the Muslim faith.

Course Outline:

  • Quran and Uloom ul Quran
  • Hadith,
  • Usul ul Hadith (Principles of Hadith)
  • Aqeedah (Islamic Creed)
  • Tafsir of Quran and Principles of Tafsir
  • Seerah of the Holy Prophet ﷺ.
  • Arabic Grammar (Syntax, Morphology, etc.)
  • Arabic Literature 
  • Fiqh 
  • Usul ul Fiqh (Principles of Fiqh)
  • Logic and Philosophy (Mantiq/Falsafah).
  • Madina Arabic Book
  • ارشاد الصرف
  • نحو میر
  • نورالایضاح
  • تجويد
  • ریاض الصالحین
  • اربعین نوویه  
  • شرح ماتہ عامل +ھدایۃ النحو
  • علم الصیغہ +خاصیات ابواب الصرف
  • قدوری
  • فوز الکبیر فی اصول التفسیر
  • تفسير الجلالين
  • شرح نخبۃ الفکر
  • اصول الشاشی
  • ھدایہ
  • دروس البلاغۃ
  • مشکوۃ
  • شرح العقائد النسفیة 
  • ھدایہ
  • سراجی
  • شرح معانی آثار
  • الصحیح البخاری
  • الصحیح المسلم
  • سنن ابی داود
  • سنن ابن ماجہ
  • سنن نسائی
  • جامع الترمذی

Benefits of Online Alimah Course

The Dars e Nizami course can offer a number of benefits to students who complete it:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of Islam: The course provides a broad and deep education in Islamic studies, giving students a thorough understanding of the religion, its teachings, and its history.
  2. Skilled in Quranic Interpretation: The course places a strong emphasis on the study of the Quran, and students will become skilled in Quranic interpretation, understanding its meanings, and applying it to their daily lives.
  3. Strong foundation in Arabic: The course requires a significant amount of Arabic study, which can help students develop a strong foundation in the language and improve their ability to read and understand classical Islamic texts.
  4. Improved critical thinking and analytical skills: The course requires students to engage in a lot of independent study and critical reflection, which can help to improve their critical thinking and analytical skills.
  5. Better equipped to contribute to the Islamic community: Upon completion of the course, students will be better equipped to contribute to the Islamic community by leading prayers, teaching others about the religion, and serving as religious leaders.
  6. Career opportunities: The Dars e Nizami course is recognized as a reputable and rigorous program in Islamic studies, and completing it can open up career opportunities in fields such as Islamic education, religious leadership, and research.

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